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Tuesday, 02 April 2024

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Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock met on May 12, 1975, the first day of rehearsals for “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Sydney, Australia; they became friends, thanks to their common love of The Beatles and, of course, music.

They quickly gained a reputation for their great harmonies and the original songs Graham was constantly writing. They demoed a cassette of two songs, “Love and Other Bruises” and “If You Knew Me” and took it to every record company in Sydney. All turned it down except one, CBS Records, who admired their unique style.

They made a single in an afternoon and it shot to number one on the national charts. That same year, they opened for Rod Stewart in Australia and then in the US and Canada playing all the big famous venues before Rod took the stage.

Back in Australia they had to start all over again and made an album called Life Support. On this album there were some treasures of songs, including “Lost in Love”, which reached the Top 10 in Australia and somehow made it to music industry executive Clive Davis in New York. Clive immediately signed Air Supply to Arista Records and in 1980, “Lost in Love” became the best selling single in the world, jumping to the top of all the charts. Now Air Supply was on its way.

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Minimum Entry Age: 14 Years old

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