Disney Junior Live invites us to play, to have fun, to sing and dance. It is a show that is designed entirely as a game where the audience is a participant and not just a spectator.

It features some of Disney JR’s favorite characters on stage: Mickey & Minnie, Vampirina, Doctor Toys, Princess Sofia and the Opa Popa Dupa (with the participation of Leonordo, Monhaha and Flower Power), thus integrating many artistic disciplines on the same stage.

Families will be invited to play an “enchanted quest” where, every time the quest begins, somewhere a magical wind blows that erases all the paths on all the maps and makes the travelers lose their way.

This is the starting point for all the characters to find themselves in a magical forest, and they have to find some special objects that will make it possible for this enchanted wind to rewrite the paths that were erased at the beginning, so that each one can return home.

The show features the most popular songs of the aforementioned characters, and will take us through the story. The dancers, the choreography, the music, the visuals, the lights and a high level staging will provide the ideal setting for this show to be fantastic from beginning to end.

General information

Minimum entry age: Family

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Location and prices

10 Sat Jun
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