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Thursday, 04 May 2023

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After more than 55 years of successful career, the humorous-musical ensemble Les Luthiers announces its final farewell to the stage.
Les Luthiers, with the 2019 cast, MÁS TROPIEZOS DE MASTROPIERO will be presented at the MOVISTAR ARENA on May 4. 
MÁS TROPIEZOS DE MASTROPIERO will bring, for lovers of Les Luthiers’ humor, a bouquet of novelties, laughs and guffaws, which will be enhanced by its proverbial musical quality. All within the classic style of the group, in which intelligence, culture, refinement and elegance are not obstacles but platforms from which to provide quality entertainment to audiences of all ages.
There will be, along with the already known, new informal instruments and many new songs and scenes, to which will be added a short selection of works from the traditional repertoire.
The show revolves around a supposed interview – hidden, sharp, documented and exemplified – with the mythical creator of the works of Les Luthiers, Johann Sebastian Mastropiero. In the course of this interview, a good part of the composer’s life, from his first failures to his most recent ones, is recalled with appropriate musical and scenic examples.
The authors of MÁS TROPIEZOS DE MASTROPIERO are two of the “historical” members of the group, Carlos López Puccio and Jorge Maronna.
In addition to them, the 2019 cast of Les Luthiers includes Roberto Antier, Tomás Mayer-Wolf, Martín O’Connor and Horacio Tato Turano, with Santiago Otero Ramos and Pablo Rabinovich acting as alternates.

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Minimum age: 10 ages

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