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Protocols for people with disabilities 1

Protocols for people with disabilities

At the Movistar Arena we offer a general accompaniment service for people with disabilities. How do I purchase this service? At the time of admission, the person must approach any logistics personnel to be properly guided. These logistics personnel can be identified by having the word “PRIORITY” embroidered on their uniform. People in wheelchairs must […]

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Paseo de las estrellas 41

Movistar Arena Hall Of Stars

We have spaces inside and outside the venue to commemorate the artists and iconic characters that have stepped on our stage; hallways to remember the best moments of the events that have made thousands of people in the heart of Bogota. Find them on the 2nd floor during the events, and in the plaza located […]

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Parque 12

Movistar Arena Park

An emblematic park in the heart of Bogotá available to everyone! We promote sports, culture, encourage the company of pets, create environments for everyone to enjoy and built an iconic meeting point in the capital. We have a natural traffic of approximately 40,000 people per week. 2 soccer fields 5 Skate park or skate track […]

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Nuestros Locales Comerciales 7

Restaurants and Bars

Enjoy the best experienes at the heart of Bogota!

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Experience Centers 6

Experience Centers

Live the heart of Bogota and enjoy the best experiences! Remember that you can visit the whole 3 floors of the Movistar Arena regardless of the ticket that you have. We welcome you with open arms and we invite you to beat with those who understand you the most.

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Servicios Adicionales 15

Additional Services

We care about generating stories and offering outstanding moments. We work to build unique moments and generate unforgettable experiences.

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