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We are a city icon! Our external screen has a monthly traffic of +9 million viewers. It has over 160 m2 and is oriented towards Avenida Carrera 30 from South to North, generating a great impact due to its quality and size. Our facade lights up according to your needs from 6 to 10pm Additionally, we have an internal advertising circuit of 20 monitors located in the commercial rings and are lit in all of the events. For more information to advertise in Movistar

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Additional Services

Digital X

Digital X is a physical space that was transformed to connect audiences in a virtual world that is here to stay. Set Green Screen Replacement Chroma Set Streaming solutions For more information

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Allied Parking

Although we promote the use of public transportation given our multiple access routes, we want you to have the best experience. Therefore, we give you nearby parking lots for you to use. North Parking Lot Nemesio Camacho Stadium El Campin South Parking Nemesio Camacho Stadium El Campin Sport's palace. Here you will find buses identified with the Movistar Arena logo that will take you to the venue and return you to the parking lot at no cost. The value of the parking lot depends on each one. Terms and conditions apply

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We care about you and your personal belongings. If you forgot an object, please contact 318 370 1978 via whatsapp and find out if our logistics staff found what you are looking for.

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Third floor

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Second floor and outside arena

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First Floor

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