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Movistar Arena de Colombia

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Colombiana de Escenarios is constituted between the company Tu Boleta de Colombia and HLR Group of Chile.

The Colombian company Tu Boleta is a national market leader in the marketing of tickets for events, has 18 years of experience, 1,200 events per year. 4.2 million annual viewers. It has presence in three countries: Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

HLR Group has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, being the developer and operator of the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, with 10 years of history, more than 900 events held. In addition, has experience in other complementary items, such as mass feeding, parking management, event production, among others.

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To be the leading company in Venues operation, focusing efforts on building long-term relationships with our Clients, making them feel special and unique: ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.

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Develop and strengthen the entertainment industry in Colombia generating unique and unforgettable experiences for our Clients, through the best infrastructure, service and human talent, guaranteeing for each of the shows, an optimal commercial exhibition of our allies and always considering an integral management.

Ethic Code

Our behavioral guidelines and ethical commitments that seek to ensure efficient, integral and transparent management in the administration of the company.

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Premios y certificaciones

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Movistar Arena is part of a group of companies and organizations committed to the promotion, appropriation and good national and international image of Bogota.

We are a communication tool to contribute to the positioning of Bogota as a destination for tourism, business, events and investment.

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Invest in Bogotá Special Recognition for City Transformation Projects

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Premios Obras Cemex Cemex Social Value Category

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Before this project, Bogotá lacked adequate venues for world-class concerts and cultural events ... notes the IPA Observer - ONU