Comfort is one of our priorities.

In our VIP areas you will find privileged attention, an exclusive menu and activities prior to the events that will make you live unforgettable moments.

21 suites, 20 boxes, Fan Stand and 2 VIP bars are part of our exclusive circuit.

Suites 34


We have exclusive and customizable spaces, with a privileged view of the stage and with the capacity to accommodate up to 23 people. They have personalized attention, a special menu and private parking, as part of the VIP experience in the heart of Bogotá. For more information:

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Suites 29


The 20 boxes are located at the top part of the Movistar Arena, with an impressive panoramic view of the entire interior of the venue. These are private spaces with comfortable chairs that have preferential access and treatment. For more information

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VIP Experiences 17

American Express Lounge Bar

An exclusive bar to live the best experiences prior to the show. With 100 people capacity, the Amex Bar is located on gate 2 of the Movistar Arena and offers its attendees a first-class experience, as well as a special attention for American Express customers and those who have VIP tickets. Customers who have American […]

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VIP Experiences 14

South VIP Bar

An exclusive bar to live the best experiences prior to the show. The South VIP Bar is located at the entrance of gate 8 of the Movistar Arena and is ideal to satisfy any craving before, during or after each show. Exclusive service for customers with VIP tickets.

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Tribuna Fan

Fan Stand

Located in the northern part of the venue, it has a privileged view of the stage, a capacity for 155 people, personalized attention and a special menu.

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