At the Movistar Arena we offer a general accompaniment service for people with disabilities.

How do I purchase this service?

At the time of admission, the person must approach any logistics personnel to be properly guided. These logistics personnel can be identified by having the word “PRIORITY” embroidered on their uniform. People in wheelchairs must enter through door 5 as it is the only entrance with a ramp, for easier movement.

What ticket office must I have to access the disabled area?

Taking into account the design of the building, it is recommended to buy tickets in easily accessible places, near corridors and exits, to facilitate their mobility or attention, if required.

The promoter of the event may define a special protocol for ticket sales, which may include a certificate of disability if necessary.

If I go to the event with companions, do I have to relocate alone?

If necessary, the person with a disability condition or situation that must be relocated to the exclusive area, may have a companion during the event.

Where is the handicap zone located?

The area is located in the stalls and is accommodated according to the configuration of the event (see the different configurations below).

People with disabilities other than physical, such as auditory, visual, intellectual or psychosocial, may be located in the assigned area or in the seats identified on their ticket.

The entrance for people in wheelchairs is exclusively through door No. 5

If the person bought tickets in the first floor, they must sit in the seat of the runner closest to the location indicated on the ticket. In case that you didnj’t buy on the corners of the road, the other people will be asked to move a position.

If the person bought tickets on floors 2 or 3

  • The logistics team will support you with the entrance to the corresponding chair, if this person is able to walk.
  • In case you cannot get up from the wheelchair, you will be relocated in the main floor.

In this configuration, an exclusive area for the disabled will be installed in the main floor to locate wheelchairs or people with disabilities who require it.

This platform allows the entry of the person with a disability and a companion.

Movistar Arena has 10 exclusive bathrooms for people with disabilities:

Level 1: 6 bathrooms

Level 2: 4 bathrooms

Level 3: 4 bathrooms </

These have the necessary space conditions and accessories to meet the needs of the attendees.

El Movistar Arena cuenta con 4 ascensores, con prioridad para personas en condición de discapacidad., ubicados en parqueaderos y en puerta No. 5

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