El Movistar Arena y Coca-Cola inauguran el primer 'Centro Interactivo de economía circular' de América Latina
3 November 2023

Movistar Arena and Coca-Cola inaugurate the first ‘Interactive Center for Circular Economy’ in Latin America

In the search for concrete solutions to address today's environmental challenges, brands are playing a crucial role in driving innovative initiatives in the field of sustainability and the circular economy. Recognizing their reach and influence on society, they acknowledge that they are not only taking responsibility for reducing their own environmental footprint, but are also leading the way in inspiring and empowering entire communities to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.

In the same vein, and in an unprecedented effort to foster environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices, the Movistar Arena and Coca-Cola Colombia inaugurated the first ‘Interactive Center of Circular Economy’ in Latin America. The opening of this space marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainability and fostering green practices in the region.

On October 25 at the Movistar Arena facilities witnessed the opening of this interactive space, which has the fundamental objective of educating and empowering the community in the adoption of sustainable practices, from understanding the importance of recycling to the conservation of natural resources. Through an immersive and playful experience, people of all ages are invited to participate and learn about the fundamental principles of the circular economy.

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