4 October 2023

Movistar Arena, five years making the heart of Bogotá beat faster

Movistar Arena, cinco años haciendo latir el corazón de Bogotá

In just five years it has established itself as the preferred venue for artists, fans, producers and promoters. In the remainder of the year they will have about 50 events to complete 110. They have received world-class artists and 'beat' 365 days a year with events, restaurants, parks and its commitment to sustainability and community.

The entertainment sector has been fundamental in the economic reactivation, and continues to be one of the key sectors in the country, thanks in part to the venues that can host world-class shows. Luis Guillermo Quintero, manager of the Movistar Arena, explains that, since its start-up, they have helped put Bogota on the map for artists to land in the city.

“We have more than one example of international artists who had never come before and were fascinated with the audience and the stage. Our capacity is 13,000 people, which makes us very attractive for any international tour.”

Three milestones to highlight

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For manager Quintero, the first milestone was to move forward with the country’s first public-private cultural alliance. The project was inaugurated five years ago, but began more than seven years ago.

The second is to have completed more than 300 events in five years, with two years stopped due to the pandemic, which is a very good average.

And the third is that they have turned a somewhat forgotten venue into the largest multipurpose cultural icon in Colombia and one of the five most important venues in the world, according to the Pollstar awards.

“Live concerts are not going to die, and that is ratified in our day to day, this year we are going to have 110 events, concerts, congresses, family shows, humor, we are really multipurpose. Next year we are planning 120 events, it is a very busy future with tours that will be sold out”.

The latter is not something new and there are even artists who have filled the square for more than one day. André Rieu had 4 dates; Fonseca, 5; Andrés Cepeda, 5; Feid, 3; Karol G, 2, and Morat has filled the Arena 7 times.

Arena Verde: Making the Planet a Better Stage

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The manager explains that the venue is Leed Silver certified, something thought from its conception. There is no air conditioning, everything is natural air, they reuse 70% of rainwater for the bathrooms, all lighting is LED and they aim at reforestation in Colombia with the Movistar Arena Forest, in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where they plant native trees on behalf of the artists. Together with Coca-Cola Colombia, they are working on the classification and correct disposal of waste, especially pet containers, and on the construction of the only interactive circularity center in Latin America to live and understand recycling.

Each event generates more than 1,000 jobs per event, 50% men and 50% women, many of them young people in fields such as food and beverages, logistics, security, cleaning, technicians, etc. With an average of 110 events per year, that translates into 110,000 jobs.

“We also impact the neighbors, the park is open 365 days, we have commercial premises and we work with a neighbors’ cooperative in which we separate waste, such as cardboard or PET, and they, with circular economy, take advantage of it.”

What is to come

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With the renovation of El Campín Stadium and its complementary works, the manager says that they are more than welcome to revitalize the sector, but that the work will be to be ‘good neighbors’ so as not to affect the events during construction, and when it is completed, that everything is for the benefit of the city.

“We want to continue as the best venue for artists, fans, promoters, producers and brands. Our goal is to be at the forefront of technology, sustainability, generate employment, and even think, in the long term, of venues in other cities in the country. What is coming is work, culture, the best experiences and to continue beating in the heart of Bogota”.

By 2024 they plan to hold between 120 and 130 public events, and Quintero says that to date they have already signed 15.

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